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Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroa

This week we are putting the finishing touches on our first travel guide, Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroads. It’s been a work-in-progress for almost two years, and it’s truly exciting to see it come to fruition. From the blurb:

From its historic coastal cities to the antebellum plantations of a society long passed, Georgia has no shortage of destinations for those who love to explore. Behind the rich façade, however, lies a grim legacy — one steeped in the dark, the bizarre, and the macabre.

This Haunts & Hollows travel guide to the darker side of Georgia’s past details more than 80 locales—forgotten family graves, abandoned burial sites, true crime scenes, paranormal encounters, and historic mysteries. Each site includes GPS coordinates, visitors’ notes, and historical references. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll find no shortage of places to explore and mysteries to uncover.

For the next few weeks, the book will be with the editor and proofreader. We still have a few photos to secure and sites to doublecheck, so the publication date is targeted for mid-May. The book is available for pre-order, and every early order will come with a special thank you gift!

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Want to learn more? Check out Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroads, our road trip guidebook to the dark side of the Peach State. For previews and info on places like this, sign up for our monthly email newsletter. You can also visit our home at Arca Noctis — a look at the world of the odd, obscure, and unusual.

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