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The Lost Soldier of Greensboro Cemetery

Greensboro Cemetery

The Lost Soldier of Greensboro Cemetery: an excerpt from Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroads.

The city cemetery in Greensboro is like many others in the south. With nearly 3,000 residents slumbering in eternal rest within its confines, it has become a melting pot of the famous and unknown. US Senator Thomas Willis Cobb (of Cobb County fame), fellow Senator William Crosby Dawson, and Georgia Governor Peter Early lay alongside those of lesser means and fortunes

The most interesting guest is one that can never enter the grounds. For decades, local residents have recounted a terrifying sight, a specter seen only on moonless nights. If you walk to the southernmost corner of the cemetery and look out along the adjacent railroad line, you may hear a weak voice asking for help and begging for a drink of water.

The Lost Ghost of Greensboro appears to be a young Confederate soldier, no more than a boy, felled during a Civil War battle. The poor soul has only half his head remaining, and in his blood-caked hands he holds an empty canteen. His name is not known, but his fate is to wander these tracks forever in search of z drink.

Haunts & Hollows: Georgia Backroads

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