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Forgotten family graves, abandoned burial sites, true crime scenes, paranormal encounters, historic mysteries — they are all out there, if you know where to look. If you find yourself looking down the dark path and thinking “Could be fun,” then you’ve found your tribe at Haunts & Hollows.

For the past fifteen years, we’ve spent—literally—hundreds of weekends driving across the United States. While our target is usually a Highlands games or Celtic festival (we’re silversmiths during the day hours), we find the journey can be more exciting that the destination.

Every time I see a rural street sign that says Cemetery Road, my skin pricks. Passing an abandoned house in the backwoods of Kentucky? We get the urge to stop and explore. Catch a glimpse of a few old family grave markers hidden on the side of a rural route? Yup, we are making a U-turn.

Over the years we’ve cultivated a wide group of friends that share our interests and our fascination with the hidden side of history. We all love to discuss our favorite haunts and our newest hollows. Adventuring is fun, but sharing is even better.

That’s why we’re launching Haunts & Hollows, a series of road trip guidebooks that give you a stop-by-stop travelogue for the road less taken. The first book, Georgia Backroads, will launch in May with more than 80 locations to visit. Each site includes GPS coordinates, visitors’ notes, and historical references. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ll find no shortage of places to explore and mysteries to uncover.

We hope you grab a copy, top off your tank, and let’s get lost together.

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